Simple proofs of the Apollo Moon Hoax
Simple proofs of the Apollo Moon Hoax

It is considered, that for immersing in lunar subjects it is necessary to know well physics, mathematics, astronomy and a lot of that another. Actually, any interested man can find in materials of NASA the proofs of mystifications, not putting special efforts, - it is necessary only for a few concentration of attention. For an example, we shall take mission "Apollo-11" and we shall look, as with veracity there are.

Let's go from the beginning. So, in the schedule the first flight on the Moon - passengers go on landing, bearing hand luggage:

Let's pay attention to hoses and two labels on breasts - at the left and on the right. Hoses are white, labels - 2 pieces. A following picture on a course of movement:

All on the places!

Further passengers take seat in the car, which carries them up to a point of departure:

We notice that on a door of the car, under inscription NO SMOKING, there is an emblem. The same emblem is available on the external party of a door (snapshot from the film 'Apollo 11: 1969-1989'):

And here our passengers leave the car; the first appears Buzz Aldrin (snapshot from old film "For all mankind", lays on the site NASA Lunar Science Institute):

The hoses are black, a label from the left party of a breast is absent, and also there is no emblem on the internal party of a door. To finish with a door, we shall look one more the snapshot:

The emblem has disappeared and from the external party of a door!

Let's look at Buzz's fellow travellers:

One astronaut has black hoses; labels at the left at both aren't present!

The given fragment is in Al Reinert film, its quality noticeably better. On the first snapshot Michael Collins is going without a label, but with white hoses:

On the second - Neil Armstrong, whose happy physiognomy is easily recognized. It also without a label, but with black hoses:

Pair words about labels. On the right party of a breast of our passengers everywhere there is an emblem of NASA:

At the left appears and disappears the emblem of mission "Apollo-11":

Let's go further behind passengers. On a following photo they already are on top of a serving tower of the cosmodrome:

Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins already both go with black hoses, and at both at the left - labels. That is similar to mysticism!

To honour of "workers of rear", they have noticed an incident and have begun to discuss it:

"Note that the units attached to the suits have white hoses while the unit on the left has black hoses. Perhaps because each unit could only provide oxygen for a limited amount of time, at least two sets of units were used sequentially from the time that the crew started breathing pure oxygen in the suiting room until they were hooked up to spacecraft oxygen. Journal Contributor James Hill calls attention to the fact that, as can be seen in launch-day photo 69-H-1121, units with white hoses were in use as they boarded the transfer van for the trip to the pad and, as can be seen in launch-day photo KSC-69PC-399, by the time they were on the swing arm, they were using black-hose units. In a May 2007 exchange of e-mail, Apollo suit tech Troy Stewart indicated that the black hoses were probably the same as the white hoses except that the outer, thermal insulation had been removed. We do not currently know if there was a thermal reason for using two different units or if the units could provide oxygen for less than the hour that the crews typically used the POVs and the difference in the hoses was a means of keeping track of the units".

We shall not disturb them...

And in the meantime our passengers move further and already take places according to the bought tickets:

In the snapshot we see Collins - already without a label and with a white hose. What is the clownery?! - the spectator will be indignant. - of them have again changed clothes or on a way have plundered?!

Here it is interesting, and as there with labels on pre-flight lunar suits, which photos are available on a site of NASA:

Well, here see, - NASA defenders will tell to me, - at the left on a breast no labels are present, and consequently of they have changed clothes. Probably, just in case. Whether a little, can, passengers was nervous and have crap one's pants, having thought - suddenly indeed will launch to the Moon?!

Let's check up also this version. In Al Reinert film there is a moment when the passenger Michael Collins taking off his miracle lunar suit:

Label on a place. It's fantastic! Let's look at Armstrong's and Aldrin's lunar suits, already supposedly consecrated the Moon by the American traces:

It looks like they were launched without emblems, and on the Moon have appeared with emblems...

What all it means? It means that before us not the historical snapshots as declares NASA. To us show fragments from the different shots, shooted at various times. There can be a question: what for it was necessary to do such collage of shots, if it was possible to shoot one "correct" shot during real events? Actually was not neither a "correct" shot, nor real events, therefore the videoreport mounted with inevitable mistakes - approximately as in feature films in which everywhere, despite of the debugged "know-how", there are similar mistakes. But the program of mystification "Apollo" was in thousand times greater-than any film, and to exclude in it mistakes it was physically impossible, that we observe on the presented snapshots.

For end of a theme of strange behaviour of emblems in films of mission "Apollo-11", I'll show some more the amusing snapshots from film 'Apollo 11: 1969-1989'. On the second minute the announcer lists decisive events of day of the astronauts, not leaving doubts that events occur on July, 16th, 1969. Simultaneously with words of the announcer there are the astronauts preparing for launching to the Moon. The first we see Michael Collins and without a label:

In the following the snapshot there is Nile Armstrong, but already with an emblem:

Further - Buzz Aldrin without a label of mission:

And then it is again visible Nile Armstrong and already without an emblem:

As we see, in different films of NASA showing legendary "flight", there is a leapfrog with emblems, inexplicable from the point of view of common sense. All becomes clear in case of the assumption of mystification of mission "Apollo" with what we are helped by a known principle of Ockham's razor, according to which there is no necessity to multiply superfluous entities if already there is a simple explanation of seen. In these reasonings it is possible to go further and to come to the thesis taken on arms by falsifiers of lunar missions: if there is a technical opportunity to shoot a flight to the Moon in terrestrial conditions there is no need and to fly on it! And in huge possibilities of Hollywood anybody, obviously, does not doubt...

Now I suggest to consider some pictures. It appears, NASA was possible to bungle and in photos!

Let's study a picture of lunar module "Eagle" (LM) which prepares for installation in the adapter of third stage:

The following (according to the specified figures) is visible:
1. - there is no container with a flag;
2. - the bottom part of primary struts has black color;
3. - secondary struts are wrapped up only by a golden foil;
4. - pads of primary struts are wrapped up by nothing, except for a small site with the pasted foil.

In this picture there are also other discrepancies, but we'll not cavil at it and we shall assume, that discrepancies in time have been eliminated (including item "1").

Items "2" and "3" it is possible to consider in a following picture:

Further we look on LM, established in the adapter:

We see (according to the specified figures):
2. - the bottom part of primary struts has still black color;
3. - secondary struts are wrapped up only by a golden foil;
4. - pads of primary struts are wrapped up by nothing, but are closed by polyethylene covers, and now it is clear, that any works with pads will not be caring out.

And here last picture fixing the moment of joining of the adapter with thirds stage:

Here it is visible, that pads of primary struts ("4") are still wrapped up by nothing, and therefore we should see struts on the Moon in such kind. As it is impossible to present, that astronauts will perform work of fitters on an orbit of the Moon.

In a following photo it is already possible to see LM, ostensibly soaring on an orbit of the Moon:

We note the following (according to the specified figures):
1. - the container with a flag on a place;
2. - a foil covers the bottom parts of primary struts;
3. - secondary struts are wrapped up only by a golden foil and closed by black covers;
4. - pads of primary struts are completely wrapped up by a foil.

And in the specified changes absolutely there is no sense. For what to put on black covers on the secondary struts which have been wrapped up in a foil? Purpose of a foil - to reflect falling radiation, and black matte covers, on the contrary, it intensively absorbs. Then what for to turn secondary struts?

The bottom part of primary struts, as well as pads, should influenced by jets from the powerful jet engine during lunar landing, and protect their by gentle foil senselessly - it should melt and fly away. And what great sense of protection of pads if all the same the pads stands on a lunar soil?

Thus, there are no intelligible reasons to dismantle at the last minute the adapter and to put on useless covers and to reel up not less useless foil. Hence, we observe typical inconsistency and sequence of mistakes, to that confirmation one more picture ostensibly made on the Moon:

We note the following:
2. - the bottom parts of primary struts are covered by a foil, but at mounting were black;
3. - secondary struts are wrapped up only by a golden foil and closed by black covers, which at mounting was not;
4. - pads of primary struts are completely wrapped up by a foil, that was not at mounting.

Completely to make sure, as details LM interesting us should look in a final variant, we shall address to the document of NASA, in which there is a corresponding picture:

In figure it's represented (according to figures in the previous photos):
2. - the bottom part of primary strut is not wrapped up;
3. - on secondary strut not anything is present, except for a foil (thermal blanket);
4. - pad of primary strut (pad assembly) is not wrapped up, except for a small area with the pasted foil (thermal blanket).

Hence, LM should look how we saw it in the first pictures during assembly of a rocket "Saturn-5", and the subsequent pictures - on an orbit of the Moon - do not satisfy to technical documentation of NASA. Therefore, we have the right to conclude, that excessive LM decoration has been made by directors of show "Apollo-11" who have overlooked presence of earlier photos LM and technical documentation of NASA.

As you can see, to find out falsifications of lunar missions not so it is difficult, and each of you, having studied official materials of NASA, will easily find a lot of other evidences of lie and Moon Hoax.

Andrew Kudryavets

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